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Equitable Title understands the challenges of today’s building community and is steadfastly committed to the strategic partnerships we form with each Builder Client. These rigorous standards begin with the lot take-down closing and are upheld throughout the construction process, culminating in the sale-out closing.

The title professionals at Equitable Title will create and maintain a base file from each lot closing which will be updated and efficiently presented at the sale-out closing in accordance with the New Home Sales Contract.

Our closing professionals can come to the subject property or the sales trailer for the development to conduct the closing.

Equitable Title can also facilitate and manage title and closing services in any jurisdiction in Florida. For builders of any size, we are confident that you will find we are uniquely qualified to manage all of your title and closing needs.

Equitable Title understands the dynamics and practicalities of the real estate development process, along with the expectations of our clients, and is committed to the strategic partnerships we form with each Developer Client. Our title specialists work directly with our Developer Clients, along with their attorneys, surveyors, planners, engineers and other professional advisors.

A base file will be created from the acquisition of the raw land and will be updated and maintained as the development process is established.Our title professionals will then prepare title files for every lot so that disposition during the final sales program can be conducted accurately and efficiently.

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