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Commercial Title

Coverage: State of Florida : Non-Residential Transactions of all Types, including Commercial, Industrial, Retail and Multi-Family Transactions, Government Transactions, Multi-Property/Multi-County/Complex Real Estate Transactions

Summary: Equitable Title offers title and closing services for non-residential transactions of all types, including commercial, industrial, retail and multi-family transactions, telecommunications services, government transactions and multi-property/multi-county/complex real estate transactions. We specialize in providing these services to banks / institutional lenders, real estate brokers and agents, real estate developers, building and construction managers, architects, engineers, insurance companies, individual landowners and purchasers, regulatory agencies (e.g. FDIC, RTC), attorneys and other real estate professionals involved with non-residential transactions.

Commercial Services: Backed by the combined assets and financial strength of a number of the nation’s largest underwriters, Equitable Title has gained the trust and earned the reputation of being one of the most proficient and competent independent title agents providing commercial title and closing services in the State of Florida. Our title specialists work directly with our Commercial Clients, along with their attorneys, surveyors, planners, engineers and other professional advisors, to ensure closings are conducted accurately and efficiently. From contract to closing, we will guide our clients through the entire process.


Commercial Closing

  • Commercial Closing
  • Accept and receipt earnest money as required by the Contract of Sale
  • Provide title commitment to seller, purchaser, respective agents and attorneys
  • Review title commitment for curative matters
  • Work with seller, seller’s agent and/or attorney to resolve curative issues
  • Order tax certificates for both real and personal property
  • Order payoffs for existing liens
  • Obtain UCC financing statement search, if required or requested
  • Secure proper documentation to verify legal status and authority of business entities involved in the transaction
  • Coordinate and review all documentation through Seller’s and/or Buyer’s agents and/or attorneys
  • Upon receipt of loan instructions, prepare settlement statement in accordance with the terms and provisions of the Contract of Sale and additional instructions as provided by the parties Coordinate closing time and place with all parties to the transaction
  • Obtain approval of settlement statement from all parties to the transaction
  • Close the transaction
  • Review all documents for proper signatures and notarization
  • Disburse all funds in accordance with the settlement statement and instructions of the parties
  • Transmit loan documents to the Lender
  • Record the closing documents with the appropriate county and/or state authorities
  • Issue the Owner and Mortgagee policies of Title Insurance and necessary endorsements
  • Resolve any post closing issues
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