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Title Agent

A title insurance agency is the retail side of title insurance. The same way you would go to an independent agent for property insurance, life insurance, etc., you go to a title agency for title insurance.

The title agency receives the title order, orders the title search, examines the title to the property, issues a title binder or commitment to insure the mortgage and/or owner interest in the property.

The title agency actually underwrites (makes decisions to insure) at the local level as opposed to simply taking the application and sending off to a parent office (Underwriter) to make the final decision to insure.

A title AGENT may perform many different functions within Equitable Title

a) Title Agent Processor or assistant (orders the title search; payoffs; surveys, etc.)

b) Title Examiner (examines the title search documents to determine conditions that must be met or excepted from coverage in order to issue a policy).

c) Closing Agent/Escrow Officer (the actual notary who attends the closing, witnesses and acknowledges the documents being signed, and/or disburses funding for the loan).

d) Policy Clerk (person who issues the final policy).

e) Client Care Specialist (person who coordinates with clients to insure that the level of service and products is being deliverd by Equitable Title)

This is a basic overview of a title agency/agent at Equitable Title

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